Voice Assistants React to Sexist Commentaries

There’s no point in denying the significant benefits virtual assistants have in making people’s lives easier, either at work or in daily life. But, as expected, when there are pros, there are cons as well. One con of particular interest is the way in which such bots fuel unfair gender stereotypes. Across the globe, the … Read more

My illustration process – Tasha Goddard

NOTE: There’s a lot of video in this post, so it may take a while to load for you! Since quite a few people who read this blog are illustrators and because I love reading other illustrators’ blog posts about their process, I thought I’d start a series of posts about being an illustrator, to … Read more

21 Creative Brochure Templates | Graphic Design Junction

Professional Creative Brochure Templates for business annual report, corporate firm, fashion or personal photography portfolio. The pre-build ready to use brochures, catalog, booklet templates can move your brand to the next level. Easy to use and fully customizable layout. The corporate brochure templates used for all type of businesses. Fully editable layers or colors shape … Read more