Why Many New Parents Are Languishing

I’m going to say something you’re not supposed to say. Ready? Here goes: Being a new parent is sometimes boring. I know, I know. Shocking stuff. After all, we’ve been conditioned to believe that we should enjoy every precious moment. But lots of those moments—well, they drag. Don’t get me wrong, there will be loads … Read more

12 Fun Virtual Baby Shower Games to Play

Perhaps you’re planning a virtual baby shower due to COVID-19 concerns. Or maybe you’ve just recognized it as a great way to include family and friends who live far away. Either way, the secret to throwing a fun online baby shower is to keep your guests tuned in and engaged. The best way to do … Read more

Tips for Successful Platonic Co-Parenting

For far too long, people believed that in order to build a family, you had to be in a romantic relationship. Thankfully, that’s no longer the narrative, and there are many different avenues that parents take—including teaming up with a friend who’s equally enthused about parenthood through a platonic co-parenting partnership. Platonic co-parenting can come … Read more

Charles Johnson IV on Reclaiming Power in Pregnancy

This article is part of The Bump’s Reclaiming Your Power series featuring changemakers who are dedicated to supporting and preserving Black maternal health. These doctors and thought-leaders share their insights and advice to help guide and empower women of color who are planning or navigating pregnancy. Charles Johnson IV lost his wife, Kira, to this … Read more

Developmental Patterns in Pandemic Babies and Toddlers

March of 2020 seems like a distant memory, but every day we’re greeted by reminders that COVID-19 is here to stay. As parents, we continue to have to make important decisions about our families in an ever-evolving situation. Choices about childcare, playdates and health appointments feel weighty and are measured against our own personal risk … Read more

When Does Implantation Occur? Symptoms and Timeline

Long before that telltale bump starts to show, your body goes through a series of cellular changes that set the stage for baby’s arrival. One of the first of these behind-the-scenes processes: Implantation. It’s a vital step that happens soon after an egg has been fertilized. But when does implantation occur, what does it entail … Read more

When Do Babies Wave, Clap and Point?

Almost as soon as they’re born, baby begins to grow and learn and discover. And you’ll watch in absolute awe as that itty-bitty creature of yours finds their hands, uses their voice and cracks that first adorable smile. While some important developmental milestones may go unnoticed, others are more obvious—and more exciting. It’s especially thrilling … Read more

How to ‘Potty Train’ Baby

Let’s be real: Changing diapers isn’t particularly fun—so the idea of ​​early potty training probably might sound tempting. But not everyone realizes (or fully believes) that it’s a plausible option. If you’ve never heard of elimination communication, you’re not alone. It’s not exactly “infant potty training” as some people think, and it’s quite different from … Read more

All Your Baby Formula Questions—Answered

The reasons families choose to formula-feed are about as varied as babies’ sleep habits (read: all over the place). But whether it’s a medical need, a mental health choice or simply what feels right for your family, we know that formula-feeding can come with a lot of questions. That’s why we asked Jacqueline Winkelmann, MD, … Read more

How and When Your Postpartum Belly Changes After Birth

Watching your belly grow throughout pregnancy is pretty mesmerizing. It’s amazing what the body does in order to accommodate a growing baby. But at some point during those 40+ weeks, the wonderment of it all begins to wane, and you just want to have that baby in your arms—and your tummy back to its normal … Read more