Metformin in men linked to birth defects in babies

The diabetes drug metformin has been linked to a higher risk of birth defects in children of men who took it, but men shouldn’t stop taking the medication abruptly, experts warn. The drug, also commonly used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), is deemed safe in women, but still shouldn’t be taken during pregnancy. The … Read more

One Mom Shares Her Birth Trauma Story

Finding out I was pregnant at 20 years old was terrifying. I was worried it was a huge disappointment to my family, as they had rallied behind me and supported my move to college. What’s more, I was unsure how I was going to care for and provide for a little one. Riddled with shame … Read more

140+ Cute Nicknames for Girls

If you’re expecting a sweet baby girl, this list is for you! When I’m working on my baby name list (one of the best parts of pregnancy, in my opinion!), something high on my list is a pretty name that comes with a cute shorter version. I’ve rounded up 200 of our favorite cute nicknames … Read more

Nursery Rhyme-Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Fun and unique baby shower themes are hard to come by these days. Between using colors for themes or matching the theme to the nursery, most ideas, as cute as they are, have been used time and time again. But a way to combat this is to think a bit outside of the box. And … Read more

Post Caesarean Diet Tips – Foods To Avoid Post Surgery

Post Caesarean Diet Tips – Foods To Avoid Post Surgery | Pregnancy Pregnancy Created by Puja Sharma Vasisht Updated on Mar 21, 2022 Nutritional food is important after a caesarian delivery to take care of both operated mother and newborn’s nutritional needs. A mother needs to eat healthy to help her body heal fast … Read more

How to Detox Your Home for a Healthier Pregnancy

A mom’s body is a brilliant, resilient and delicate ecosystem designed to nourish life. While a baby’s development is informed bys, it’s also genetically influenced by what mom eats, drinks and breathes during pregnancy. Suffice to say that your environment plays an important role in building a healthy foundation for your newborn. What’s more, our … Read more

Teaching Our Kids Why and How to Apologize

“Oww, that hurt! Mom, James bumped me!” When our kids don’t follow the rules or hurt someone physically or emotionally, we want them to say they’re sorry. And not just the words, because they often aren’t genuine and can be said to get parents off their back or move past the situation quickly. We want … Read more