Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Greenville, SC

Are you looking for vegan restaurants in Greenville, or restaurants with vegetarian options in Greenville, SC? The lifestyle of eating meat-free isn’t new, but it has become more mainstream in recent years. The days of going out to eat as a vegetarian or vegan and eating a dinner of side dishes are gone, as restaurants … Read more

Tips to Revitalize and Strengthen Your Marriage

The challenges of parenting a child with special needs can put a strain on relationships. Here are a few ideas that could help revitalize your marriage or partnership. “So what are you buying John for your anniversary?” my girlfriend Jean asked me. “It depends on which John you’re talking about because I think I married … Read more

Naturalistic Teaching: Does it Support Autistic Children?

Naturalistic teaching is a branch of applied behavioral analysis (ABA) therapy that takes on a more natural approach than the more commonly known discrete trial training. In this article we will discuss what naturalistic teaching is, the different naturalistic procedures and if it supports children with autism. What is naturalistic teaching? In the early days, … Read more