Best Cycle Insurance In UK in 2023

i am going to be looking at bike insurance or should i say cycle insurance it’s going to be an in-depth video and i’m going to show you everything that you need to know now i am very techy and i am very analytical so i’ve put those skills to good use and what i’ve done is i’ve gone through research bike insurance

very very granular in lots of detail and what i wanted to do is explain all of that in this video so i arm you guys and girls with the knowledge and when you have the knowledge you can make more informed decisions that way you’ll be able to answer questions like do i need bike insurance in this video i’m also going to be covering the most frequently asked questions about cycle insurance i’ll look at what is actually covered i’ll also be comparing the top three bike insurers which is very interesting so do stay tuned for that i will then look at the costs and what affects the
cost and then i will give my final thoughts on
bike insurance as a whole i have left time stamps so you can quickly jump tothe part of the video that best suits you i should probably mention that all of the information
in these videos is from my own research none of it is from the companies themselves i’m also not sponsored by any of these companies so now that i’ve insured myself against what i’m going to say in this video let’s get stuck in as we all know i’m not about wasting people’s time so let’s start with the most frequently asked

questions so are you covered if your bike is locked up away from home yes you are but only if you use a lock that is approved by the insurer is your bike insured at your house yes but there are rules that apply if it’s inside your house then that’s fine but when it’s out sidethe house in a garage for example or a
shed that shed will need to be locked it may be that you would need to lock the bike
up as well inside the shed so do check the small print of the company that you go for can you insure a bike that you have purchased through the cycle to work scheme yes you can and that will not affect the amount you have to pay either does your insurance policy cover you when the bike is on the plane now that is a good question and it took me a bit of research long and short answer is yes or no it does depend on the policy

but some do cover that you just have to specify that you want that is your bike covered when it is locked outside your work good question people firstly good job riding to work secondly from my research what i can tell is if your bike is locked up for more than 12 hours in one place then it’s not covered after those 12 hours so if you go to work lock it up for seven and a half hours eight hours then it should be covered again do check with the cycle insurance
company if you make a claim does that affect
your premium now from what i can tell and my research that will not affect your premium like it does with cars obviously if you make a game of cars your premium goes up and it’s hard up there is also no claim so if you don’t make a claim your insurance doesn’t go down the following year

so it’s pretty much set can you only insure new bikes no you can insure any bike new or second hand is there any excess on the bike insurance policy yes there normally is so you will have to pay a fee up front in order to make the claim does cycle insurance cover you to race the answer to that is yes and no it does vary now we will cover that in more detail
later on in this video as it does affect
your premium quite a bit which we’ll be able to see The price difference is your bike covered around the world again this is policy to policy you can specify that you want worldwide coverage some companies do some companies don’t if your bike is left unattended and it is stolen and it is not locked up can you make a claim no you can’t the long and short is wherever your bike is it needs to be locked up with an approved lock

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