Beautiful Easter-Themed Names For Baby Girls

Easter is one of the happiest holidays of the year. Between the pastel colors, adorable imagery of bunnies, and endless amounts of chocolate, it’s hard not to enjoy Easter time, whether or not you celebrate the religious aspect.

If you’re welcoming a baby girl on or around this holiday, choosing a name inspired by Easter is a fitting choice. Below, we’ve rounded up the cutest, feminine names that would be a perfect choice for an Easter baby.

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17 Spring

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Although the date that Easter varies each year, it always happens in the spring. If you’re a fan of this season, then consider naming your baby girl after it. If people can use Winter and Summer as first names, then Spring works, too.

16 April

15 St.  Patricks-Themed Names For Baby Girls
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Depending on the year, Easter can be held in March or April. Since it’s happening in the latter month this year, consider naming your daughter April.


15th Daisy

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Since Easter is happening on April 17th this year, consider naming your daughter after the month’s flower, a daisy. This name is classic and feminine, while floral names have been popular for decades. Singer Katy Perry chose the name Daisy for her daughter.

14 Diamond

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In a similar vein, taking inspiration from April’s birthstone is another great way to pay tribute to Easter. Diamond is the official gem for Easter, and it’s a great choice for parents drawn to names inspired by jewels.

13 Anastasia

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If Easter is an important part of your religion, consider choosing a name that pays homage to it. Anastasia is a great choice. As Baby Names explains, Anastasia translates to mean ‘resurrection’ and has roots in Greek.

12 Avril

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Another way to acknowledge that Easter is happening in April this year is to choose the name Avril, which is the French way of saying April. Plus, it’s a great choice for parents who are fans of singer Avril Lavigne.

11 Nevaeh

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In the Christian faith, Easter is a holiday meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus following his crucifixion. It ends with Jesus ascending to heaven on the 40th day after his resurrection. For this reason, consider Nevaeh for your Easter baby, which is the word ‘heaven’ spelled backward.

10 Bunny

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The idea of ​​the Easter Bunny has been popular in America since the 1700s, History explains, which is why bunnies have become synonymous with this holiday. This makes Bunny a cute, animal-themed name for a little girl born around Easter.

9 Candy

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Chocolate may be the number one food associated with Easter, but candy is a close second. If you love indulging in sweet treats over this holiday, consider naming your baby girl Candy. Variations of this name can include Candi or Candice.

8 Sunny

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Given that it always takes place in spring, Easter is a holiday that’s usually accompanied by beautiful, sunny weather. Since your baby girl will be the sunshine in your life, keep the unisex name Sunny high on your list.

7 Flora

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One of the many things that come to mind when you think of Easter is beautiful floral bouquets since many flowers begin to bloom around this time. This makes Flora a beautiful name choice. As per nameberry, This name is Latin for flower.

6 Bloom

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If you love the idea of ​​naming your daughter after the stunning flowers presented at Easter, then also consider Bloom. This name conjures up images of colorful flowers coming to life as we enter spring, making it a stunning name option.

5 Tazia

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If you’re looking for an uncommon name with a bit of edge, then keep Tazia on your list. Parenting First Cry explains this is an Italian variation of Anastasia, translating to mean “one who will be reborn.” Plus, Taz is a beautiful nickname!

4 Sunday

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You’ll notice that there are a few important days in the Easter holiday – Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and Easter Monday. Easter Sunday symbolizes the day of Jesus’ resurrection, which makes Sunday a fitting choice for an Easter-themed name. Nicole Kidman chose this word name for her daughter.

3 Lavernia

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To honor the season of your Easter baby’s birth, consider the darling name Lavernia. Netmums explains this French name translates to mean ‘born in the spring,’ making it a great fit for parents who love this sunny season.

2 Blossom

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If you want to celebrate the flowers that will bloom around Easter, then another strong choice is Blossom. As a longer version of Bloom, this word name means to develop or achieve something good.

1 Mary

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Finally, another strong choice for parents looking to honor the religious aspect of Easter is Mary. In the bible, Mary Magdalene went to tell the disciples after learning that Jesus had risen. It’s also the name of Jesus’s mother.

Which feminine name would you choose for your Easter baby?

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