Is Your Brand Meaningfully Different?

As marketing professionals, we’d like to share a quick lesson in one of the fundamentals of marketing having to do with relevance, what we call being “meaningfully different.” Marketers know it’s not enough to be merely relevant to be worthy of a customer’s admiration and loyalty. Something must be relevant different to attain this status. … Read more

Brand Leadership Has A Courage Requirement

Many times, brand-businesses have insights about the future but do not find the courage to act on these insights. Lack of courage occurs for a number of reasons. Costs, fear of failure, complacency, the comfort of manufacturing what the business knows how to make rather than what solves customers’ problems, a chief of manufacturing who … Read more

Voice Assistants React to Sexist Commentaries

There’s no point in denying the significant benefits virtual assistants have in making people’s lives easier, either at work or in daily life. But, as expected, when there are pros, there are cons as well. One con of particular interest is the way in which such bots fuel unfair gender stereotypes. Across the globe, the … Read more