What is a crypto exchange !

A crypto exchange is, very basically, a place where you can purchase a cryptocurrency using either cash or another kind of digital asset. This roundup primarily discusses a type of crypto exchange known as a centralized exchange. A centralized exchange is a marketplace operated by a business entity that buys, sells and facilitates transactions in … Read more

What is the threat to crypto from regulation?

Cryptocurrencies are volatile assets because their price is a bet on future adoption. Future adoption depends on a number of uncertain factors, one of the most important being the potential impact of regulation. So what exactly are the risks to crypto from regulation and to what extent have they increased as a result of the … Read more

Bitcoin Ordinals: NFT Fad or Existential Threat?

Bitcoin Ordinals: NFT Fad or Existential Threat? Selected statistic: What are Bitcoin Ordinals? January 2023 was an exciting month for the Bitcoin community. Bitcoin launched a new technology that goes under the name Bitcoin Ordinals. Since it shares similarities with Ethereum NFTs, Bitcoin Ordinals are often referred to as Bitcoin NFTs or Bitcoin-based NFTs. In … Read more


Bitcoin is the first-ever cryptocurrency – a new kind of internet money and speculative asset with no central authority running it. It was launched in 2008 by someone using the pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto. It runs on a peer-to-peer network, incentivised to settle transactions and issue new bitcoin, with a record of this maintained in … Read more

Bitcoin’s most dramatic moments

It’s hard to believe that Bitcoin is just 12 years old. In that short time it has moved from an obscure experiment to an asset with a valuation over $1 trillion. It’s been far from a straight road, so we’ve try to highlight Bitcoin’s ten most dramatic moments. 1. The record Tesla candle – Feb … Read more

What is Ethereum Virtual Machine? EVM at a glance

An enabler of smart contracts EVM, or Ethereum Virtual Machine, is an important component of the Ethereum blockchain platform. It is responsible for executing smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of computer code. If you think about Ethereum as a … Read more

Best Cycle Insurance In UK in 2023

i am going to be looking at bike insurance or should i say cycle insurance it’s going to be an in-depth video and i’m going to show you everything that you need to know now i am very techy and i am very analytical so i’ve put those skills to good use and what i’ve … Read more

The Best UK Car Insurance Companies 2023

Why are these the best car insurance companies?To inform our decision, we’ve collected the latest information about nearly 50 car insurers from independent expert review site Fairer Finance. Rather than rate these companies on price (buyers can use price-comparison sites like Go Compare for this), we used expert research to determine the quality of both … Read more